Our Story

What happens when a Serial Hoarder and a Careless Waster decide to spend the rest of their lives together?


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Whats It About?

It’s not about Zero Waste. That is a great and noble concept, which I would encourage everyone to try to achieve, but I’m here to tell you that its ok if you don’t manage to fit your year’s landfill into a jam jar. It’s also not about how to make endless Craft Projects, although that is something we spend a lot of time doing!

We’re ordinary people with ordinary lives, a family with two kids, we’re messy, we’re lazy… but we also want to save the world. This blog is mainly about sharing our journey towards achieving that, our successes and, more importantly, our failures too. Ultimately we want to help you decide the best use for your waste, and we’d like you to help us too!


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The Journey of A Thousand Miles…


…starts seven years ago when I got engaged to the future Mrs Serial Hoarder. She quietly moved all her stuff into my small terrace house one weekend while I was away – I suppose that should have been warning enough.

Me (Mr. Careless Waster), I liked chucking stuff out. The act of letting something go, despite feelings of sentimental attachment, is liberating and empowering and fun, not to mention being a highly effective way of keeping your living space from being cluttered.

Perhaps you can see where this is going!

I’d always been a conscientious recycler, trying to separate waste and put it in my blue bin for those local heroes the bin men to haul off to some better place. I would feel pretty heroic myself; plastic bottle off to be recycled = the world is safe for another day. But suddenly this was no longer enough. Don’t throw those yoghurt pots away! Wouldn’t that cereal box make a useful container? Ooh, I could make something with that! Can you please start saving bottle tops? Oh and ask your friends too! My little house got smaller and smaller.

This Is Fine. Ok, lets move out of the big bedroom and sleep in the small bedroom, so we’ve got more storage space? Why not. Ooh, my friend is getting rid of their furniture, maybe we can use it? Maybe. But lets get rid of some other stuff first. No, I might need to use that! Hmmm…


One day, we had a baby and decided to move to a new and bigger house, and during that process Mrs S.H. had a very traumatic episode when some useful jars took a one way trip to the recycling centre. It was around this point that we came to the realisation that a perhaps compromise was needed. Now a lot of people might be thinking that this is just ridiculous, and of course stuff just has to be thrown away sometimes. But lets just take a step back (a really BIG step!) and think about this argument.

Its a fact that we as a species use our natural resources faster than they can be replenished. Its also a fact that most of us simply don’t care. After all, what can any of us actually do about that? But imagine instead that resources were money, and you were spending faster than you could earn. Most sensible people would start cutting down on their spending straight away.

When its gone, its gone!

The problem that I, and the great majority of the world, have is that unlike money, this kind of global issue is very easy to ignore. After all, the government is responsible for this aren’t they? Or is it the scientists? And look, the world is abundant with natural resources, its huge, we’ve got oil for hundreds more years, we’ll dig deeper mines, its all good.

To use the money analogy again, we’re currently in credit, with a big trust fund handed down to us. But our credit is running out, and if we don’t start taking responsibility then soon enough the big ugly men are going to come knocking on our door, or more likely our children’s doors, and start taking our nice toys away.


When you look at the facts, its really hard to argue with the logic (although some people do).

So in the face of overwhelming evidence I have changed my attitude… well, I’ve tried really hard! And that is what this blog is all about – changing attitudes. I want to show that even a Careless Waster with the work ethic of a sloth can still make a difference with a little bit of careful thought.

(But it does help if you’re married to a super-heroine eco-crusader!)