Fab Aquafaba

Using Your Leftover Bean Water Creates A Vegan Baking Miracle

This isn’t exactly going to save the planet, as water used for cooking beans in is not really a threat to any ecosystem. But Mrs S.H. is quite obsessed with it, and it’s pretty cool!

We do eat quite a lot of beans and peas and stuff. We’re not vegetarians, but it’s widely recognised that eating less meat is an excellent way to start living more sustainably, and beans make for a valuable alternative source of protein. At first I felt the effects of this lifestyle, but either my digestive system has adapted now, or the rest of the family is just being polite.

What is it?

Aquafaba (literally ‘bean water’), is exactly that; once you’ve cooked your beans, DO NOT THROW THAT WATER AWAY!! It’s precious, and it’s amazing. Because if you whisk it up it is a brilliant replacement for egg-whites in all your baking! Vegans across the world are rejoicing.

Incredibly, this is a very recent discovery and people are going crazy about it. Whole online communities have grown up specifically for aquafaba pioneers, who push back the frontiers of the egg-free vegan baking world. Mrs S.H. is now experimenting wildly. Right now she’s making some sort of ice-cream! We’ve also had meringues, macrons and mayonnaise, with various degrees of success.

As if that weren’t enough, I also found out that the water you use for soaking your dried beans in makes for excellent plant food. At least that’s what the internet said; I’m putting it on my garden so only time will tell.

The really exciting bit is watching ordinary bean water transform into fluffy white clouds! Well actually, it would be exciting, if it didn’t take ages. So I’ve turned the fun up to 11 by making a time-lapse of the process, which you can see at the top of this page.

What did we make??

This one actually turned out amazingly well – vegan ice-cream! It was incredibly light and fluffy, I can just picture eating it on a hot summer’s day, which is a quite a stretch of the imagination on a dull morning in March. But that’s how good it is.

Delicious fluffy ice cream, without the cream!

Tastes as good as it looks

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