This Week – 2nd February 2017

February 2nd


Welcome to the first of my weekly reuse journal entries. In these posts I hope to provide ongoing inspiration with different ways we have found to reuse and recycle in our daily lives.


Case in point: Jeans. Why do they keep getting holes in them?? We could get into the whole maintenance side of the argument here, but that’s another kettle of fish. Perhaps another day! But today its about repair. Mrs S.H. has been practising her darning, and dare I say she’s getting darn good at it? (sorry). Click here to see how darned successful this was.

A heart chain made from plastic bags

I also found this hanging from our kitchen window. Its a nice idea for making heart chains, we’ve used plastic here, but any strip material would probably work. Credit. This would make a great decoration for parties.




Separating the whey to make creamy greek yoghurt


Playing the ‘reduce’ card here, we’re reducing yoghurt packaging by making our own yoghurt! Making your own foodstuffs as opposed to buying a product is a great way to reduce packaging as well as saving money. The yoghurt is made, as with many other things in our house, with the help of the amazing Instant Pot. Instructions here. The best bit is, once you’ve got a live yoghurt culture you can keep reusing it in successive batches of yoghurt. Win.



Found on the Web

  • Someone has actually developed a method of recycling nappies! The amount of disposable nappies going into landfill is appalling so this is a fantastic achievement.
  • Here is an interesting read on how to recondition your old batteries by replacing the battery fluid with epsom salt and distilled water. Pretty sure we’ve got an old car battery knocking around so will have to give this one a try.
  • And finally a great website, discussing ways of reusing the really tricky things. Check it out!

Remember: every item has reusability; every person has reuse ability!


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