Darn It, Darn It!

The idea of darning evokes to me the image of an old lady sitting by the fire in a dark hovel, mending her socks. In reality the image was of Mrs S.H. peering at YouTube videos and then casually mending my jeans whilst thrashing me and a couple of friends at Monopoly Deal.

You will need:

  • Needle
  • Thread to match the colour of your item under repair
  • Darning egg, mushroom or anything similarly shaped to help open the hole out

Detiailed instructions can be found here, but the process in principle is:

  1. Clean up the edges of your hole.
  2. Spread out the hole on the darning egg and sew parallel stitches from left to right
  3. Turn through 90 degrees and sew parallel stitches that cross, AND weave in and out of, the first set

Reuse-Ability Verdict

I won’t lie, its a lengthy process, and first up you should question how much time you want to spend mending an item of clothes. There are other good ways of reusing and recycling textiles these days. Most recycling centres will accept clothes (see textile recycling). However, if you have a particularly well-loved item of clothing that won’t look out of place with a patch on, then crack open your sewing tin and locate a nice bright light and darn on.

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